SMART-GUARD Fine Art Shipping System

My name is John Prayias, and I am the inventor of SMART-GUARD.

It happened by accident.  I spent a good part of my life in the restaurant business in the New York area.  But my late wife was an art dealer.  Every Tuesday, I drove her from Greenwich, Connecticut to New York City to go to auction galleries and art galleries to buy for her business.  As we became more and more involved in the art world, we would find ourselves shipping fine art from time to time as well as receiving art from other dealers. Boy, did it take a lot of time to pack all that art securely using bubble wrap, paper and tape!  And then we’d pray that the artwork would arrive at the destination in one piece!

After thirty years, I retired from the restaurant business and a few years later, my wife passed.  By that time, we had our own fine art collection as well as the art business inventory.  When I decided to move to Palm Beach from New York City, I got an estimate from a mover to move all that art.  It was very expensive to crate all the paintings – too expensive!  So I decided to crate three of the more valuable pieces and pack the rest using bubble wrap and tape.  It took three days and three people to pack the art!  Then when the art arrived in Palm Beach, it took another 3 days to unpack it!  And I ended up with  a mountain of garbage.

I hung as many paintings as I could in my new two-bedroom apartment, and I put the rest into storage. Again, I found that art storage for so many paintings was very costly, so I decided to put them temporarily in regular storage.  Then one day I noticed the overhead sprinklers in that storage place – great in case of fire – not so great for fine art if they go off!


Quickly, securely and safely pack, ship and store fine art

This experience led me to experiment with different methods of quickly, securely and safely packing, shipping and storing fine art.  SMART-GUARD is the result,  now, every artwork, no matter how valuable, can be crated and stored safely with Art-Guard for a fraction of the cost.


Save time and waste

With SMART-GUARD, packing and shipping is quick and easy without the mess and waste.  Art was protected from sprinklers, bumps and dirt in transport and in storage.  Expensive art galleries wrap fine art in Art-Guard for their customers.  One of our SMART-GUARDs even transported a Pablo Piccaso from his restorer that is worth many millions.  You don’t just throw that in the trunk and drive off!


Reusable fine art packaging – sturdy and reusable

Practically speaking, the purchase of an SMART-GUARD pays for itself over time.  It’s sturdy and reusable.  And it’s better for the environment than Styrofoam packing peanuts or plastic bubble wrap that can’t be recycled in many communities.  In addition, the time saved in packing and unpacking art can be put to better use.


—John Prayias, Private Art Dealer and Inventor of  SMART-GUARD