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SMART-GUARD Fine Art Packaging Benefits

If you’re a collector or dealer of fine art, you know all too well about the hassle and risk involved in packing, shipping and storing artwork.  Find out more about the fine art packaging benefits of the Art-Guard system.


Fine Art Packaging

SMART-GUARD is a fine art impact and environmental protection system that’s fast and effective.  SMART-GUARD protects your fine art investments from impact and moisture damage during shipment, transport and storage.  SMART-GUARD will forever change how you store and ship your artwork.

SMART-GUARD is a reusable system that eliminates the need to buy disposable art packaging materials. It saves you money and saving our environment every time you use it.  SMART-GUARD offers modern protection from water, dampness, temporary flooding, mold and mildew, and impact damage.  It protects your investment in fine art and gives you peace of mind.

  • Provides safe and secure shipping of artwork to clients, protects artwork when moving, and safely stores art between gallery shows or displays.

  • Is easy to use — and to reuse – cut your packing and unpacking to a fraction of the usual time!

  • Unpacking is intuitive and easy, reducing the possibility of opening accidents, slippage and breakage.

  • Durable and reusable SMART-GUARD allows reuse over and over to save money, time and environmental resources.

  • Easy to label contents; easy to see SMART-GUARD packages for inventory.


SMART-GUARD Fine Art Shipping and Storage Features


  • Impact-resistant double-layer rigid corrugated panel with protective foam layering to protect your artwork.

  • Quick-latch heavy-duty Velcro tabs enclose and secure your artwork between the panels.

  • An industrial-strength sealed outer bag protects artwork from dust and moisture.

  • A moisture-absorbent desiccant pouch guards your artwork against moisture and humidity damage during transport or long-term storage.

  • Information about contents and instructions can be easily applied to the package with the set of adhesive-backed content labels.

  • A vacuum pump is an add-on accessory, sold separately, for additional protection.

  • Art-Guard is available in two sizes to fit a wide range of framed art dimensions and ships to you in a compact box.

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